Subway Gift Cards for the Homeless

As a San Francisco bay area resident, I visit the city of San Francisco at least three times a week. Over the years, I’ve watched the homeless population rise. Like many people, I’ve walked hurriedly to my destination trying to ignore the homeless people on the street. But over time, I just could not ignore it anymore….

7-Day Raw Food Reset

“Learn to reconnect with the inner wisdom of your body by eating raw for 7 days.” In today’s fast paced world, many of us are too busy to plan meals, chop vegetables, make food from scratch, or eat mindfully. Most of us eat on the go and find ourselves drawn to fast foods, processed foods,…

Mindfulness in the Age of Distraction

Learn how the ancient practice of mindfulness can help us thrive in the age of distraction and discover simple strategies to manage the electronic world.


No one teaches us how to effectively cope with suffering in life, which is why most of us turn to alcohol during difficult times. But what if we could develop a new set of skills, skills we never learned as children, skills that could teach us how to “SufferWell?”

How to Negotiate a Flexible Work Schedule

People more than ever want flexibility. It is my hope that employees will start demanding flexibility as a condition of employment. This article provides practical tips and suggestions for employees and job seekers on how to negotiate a flexible work schedule. Flexible work schedules come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and include; flextime…

5 Ways to Survive a Dysfunctional Workplace

As a psychologist, I regularly work with clients who have difficulty coping with a dysfunctional workplace. Maybe they are challenged by an unhealthy team, ineffective management, or feel harassed. Regardless of their circumstances, if they cannot quit their jobs and feel uncomfortable talking with management or HR, they must find ways to survive this experience…

A Compassionate Approach with Difficult People

“Compassion is giving the other person space to be miserable without interfering. It is only when we give space that the cycle of suffering can end.”  In life, it is impossible to avoid difficult people. We all know people who are considered difficult and sometimes we are forced to interact with them on a daily basis….