SufferWell Tonic

I was extremely skeptical about how raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar and raw honey would ever help me relax or sleep in a time of suffering. But I have to say, I was shocked and amazed!

Sometimes we turn to substances like alcohol, marijuana, tranquilizers and sleep aids to help us cope with suffering but this can have major side effects. In addition, drugs, alcohol, and prescription medications only temporarily obscure our suffering and leave us feeling more out of control, disconnected, and overwhelmed.

The apple cider vinegar and honey tonic does something incredible and indescribable to help us sufferwell. You have to try it. If you google apple cider vinegar and honey tonic, you will see besting selling authors, like Tim Ferriss say it has improved his sleep by 1000 percent even though he’s a life-long insomniac!

If you examine the roots of this tonic, you will discover it dates back to Ancient Egypt (approximately 5,500 years ago) and served as a stress reliever and sleep aid.

As a psychologist, I am well aware of the placebo effect, and I paid close attention to whether or not the tonic actually worked or I imagined it worked. In my opinion, the tonic actually worked!  I felt more calm if I drank it during the day and slept better if I drank it at night.

Give it a try during a time of suffering or if you struggle with anxiety or insomnia. Write your reviews below!

SufferWell Tonic Recipe

Add apple cider vinegar and honey to the hot water and stir. Make sure that your honey dissolves.  ***Both ingredients for the SufferWell Tonic are easily accessible and can be purchased at Walmart. No excuses!

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