Practicing the Power of Now

If you are passionate about putting the principles from Eckhart Tolle’s book, “The Power of Now” into practice, this 8-week virtual workshop is perfect for you. Each week Pleasanton clinical psychologist, Dr. Christine Dickson will discuss a section of Eckhart’s book as well as strategies on how to put his teachings into practice.

This down to earth workshop will consider practical issues and real life stories such as the COVID-19 crisis, relationship conflict, workplace issues, emotional and physical health, and more.

Practicing the power of now takes work. Without proper support and guidance it is very difficult to develop and maintain the needed skills.

This workshop designed by a clinical psychologist will help you develop the needed skills and create a daily practice. Dr. Christine Dickson will discuss the following topics:

WEEK 1: Forget Past and Future

WEEK 2: Now is All There Is

WEEK 3: How “Now” Empowers You

WEEK 4: Pain is Focus on What You Can’t Change

WEEK 5: We Create Pain – And We Can Erase It

WEEK 6: Ego & Thinking Are The Enemy

WEEK 7: Relationships In the Now

WEEK 8: Mind & Body Go Together

Weekly homework will help participants create a daily practice. Participants are also welcome to “turn in” their assignments to Dr. Christine Dickson as a way to stay motivated and focused.


  • Thursdays


  • 6:30pm – 7:30pm PST


  • Link provided after payment is received.


  • 8-Week Workshop plus Materials = $180.00 ($22.50 per session) NOTE: Does not include the book, “The Power of Now
  • 50% OFF Face-to-Face Workshop



If you have questions, please email Dr. Christine Dickson at or call 925-523-1397

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